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CareerBolt has always been on the lookout for the right people to join the team. Scroll down to see why you should consider joining our happy family.

If you feel you are one of us, share our values and like what we do but don’t see a job that fits your skill set, then don’t hesitate and get your hopes down, please do reach out to us immediately.

Why Work at CareerBolt?

At CareerBolt, we learn and evolve together as a fun and happy family. We do it fast and we support each other in everything we do. You will never get bored and left out as you will work with amazingly compassionate people and solve challenging problems as a team.

If this sounds like the kind of working environment you will surely love,
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Our Value Propositions

Power to transform our lives by learnings

Every day, we learn something new. We always have new problems to tackle. We love to learn in every mistake and in every success because we know it will help us grow faster and evolve to become a better person.

Working to influence others through human touch

At CareerBolt, we influence, treat and care about each other as another human being. We love and enjoy working together as much as watching how we touch lives and make an impact with each other.

An academy of vibrant achievers

We are extraordinary hunters for success, yet we always add fun and exciting elements in each and every day of our work. We do our best to produce great results for ourselves and our clients while enjoying ourselves and make the most out of our lives.

Empowering your passion and creativity to innovate

We believe that taking risks and thinking outside the box are very important to set you apart from others. We embrace new ideas, and we are open to any different perspectives to innovate.
As part of our happy family, and while working with us, we need you to learn as much as you can. We want you to be open-minded, energetic, collaborative and more focused so you will evolve to become the successful person you want to be.

In return, we’ll be extremely supportive as we help you expand your horizons and give you great opportunities to work with both domestic and multinational prominent companies in Thailand.

And we’ll make sure you enjoy every step of your success.

Current Open Positions

Employer Branding Consultant
Recruitment Consultant
Content Writer
Executive Assistant
Video Editor
Graphic Designer
Digital Marketing Specialist

If you are a Thai citizen and greatly interested in any of these jobs, then please send your resume to and tell us why you want to work for us and be part of our happy family. Thank you.

Can’t find the job you are looking for?

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